Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Everyone else seems to have a blog these days, and with the growing success of Ulduar, now seems as good a time as any to start one myself.

By way of introduction, my name is Summergale, and I play a Tauren shaman on the World of Warcraft US server Nesingwary. My stage persona, though, is that of a pink haired troll shaman (still named Summergale). My reputation in the Warcraft machinima scene was made through a series of Weird Al-esque hip hop spoofs produced by Nyhm, and at my request he portrayed my character as a troll because let's face it, cows look goofy singing hip hop. His videos have been wildly successful, netting views in the millions and countless fans. Alas, the time came when he decided to take an indefinite break from making movies, so I decided to try my hand at doing my own projects.

This blog will follow my new projects as well as give some background on previous ones.

So, welcome and thanks for tuning in!


  1. Ok, so I am sucker for beautiful female voices. Ulduar was great Machinima, but the female vocals were amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

    US Aerie Peak

  2. This is the most amazing video... I think you and Cranius should be on Blizz's payroll!!

    I do have a burning question.... The shot of the mage fire blasting you in the PVP scene, is that Cranius's mage??

    gratz on the video.... hope to see you two working together again soon!

  3. Yep, that is indeed Cranius. :)

  4. Beautiful vocals Summergale. I hope you continue to put them to good use.

  5. Hey summer i loved uldar lol i even downloaded the mp3 :D hehe , ooh btw how old r u just curious

    Emmu -Dath Remar

  6. mithraltubes: Flirting? ^^

    Well, anyway, i just love your voice, love to see more of you.

  7. I'm hitting the big 3-0 next month. And I'm still happily married. :)

  8. I love this song alot.
    Your voice is very talented and always makes me keep hitting the play button.

    Bleeding Hollow

  9. I had to hunt you down to actually find a way to tell you that I've listened to every single bit that had your voice in it. I was especially touched by "In Memory" I'm jealous of your singing abilities. Keep up the very good work. :] I'm rooting for you all the way.


  10. In ages past big blue dress and other Cranius projects inspired me to indulge in my Warcraft addiction & made me feel like part of a community of adults who play a game much of the world views as a "thing" for children.

    Your Ulduar project has introduced me to Nyhm, Legs and so much more that I didn't know existed. I'm grateful. It's wonderful to see our "little" outlet is also such an powerful medium for talented artists such as yourself.

    Like the evolution of public opinion of anime and "cartoons" I hope the efforts of people like yourself continue to show the world that warcrack is not just a game, it's an outlet for artful expression...and heck, a fun game for people on both PvP and PvE extremes...or people like me, who just play to have fun and have too many alts.

    (wow...that went on for longer than I planned)


  11. hey summergale what realm does cranius play on and what is his mains toons name?

  12. This might sound creepy, but what do you look like? Since hearin ur first song ne and my bud gave wondered

  13. Tauren are more suited to country and folk music, so while I'd rather see another Tauren shaman around, I can understand the stage persona.

    (Also, I guessed you were Elemental when I saw your character in "Ulduar," go figure.)

    Congrats on all your success and I will continue to follow your work!

    -Misae, of Executus-US

  14. Did you sing in DJ Scandy's Crush on a Robot?

  15. Just wanted to agree your voice is amazing I look forward to hearing more also ever see toons with evanescence songs as name on nesingwary I'm around always looking for conversation while panda grinding