Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pimping Cranius, Miracula, and Felicia Day

Cranius has released an album! He blogged about making of, and you can even buy the album off Amazon! (MP3 format = instant gratification.) I was fortunate enough to hear preview versions of "Happy Place" and "Get My Main" before they were published, and I'm thrilled he's finally released them to the public and I can rave about them. "Happy Place" has been on my playlist for months and I adore it.

If you read Cranius's blog, you may note that the album art was done by our very own Miracula, aka Roz Terrill, the woman who did my amazingly awesome troll-Summergale painting:

You can see a larger version on her website (along with more of her incredible artwork), and there are still some prints left for purchase. Limited edition, so once they're gone, they're gone! However, if you want a small version of it, Miracula is sending me promo cards to hand out at Blizzcon with the image on it. They're about 4"x5", and they're stunning even at that size. Follow me on Twitter to keep track of where I'll be if you'll be at the con, and I'll hand them out until they're gone.

And finally, if you haven't yet seen "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar", you totally need to watch this music video:

I love this song. I want to be Felicia Day when I grow up. :) If you haven't been watching The Guild, I recommend checking it out, too. Don't be intimidated by having 2 seasons to watch: the episodes are only 2-4 minutes each.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter (moo)

Like the cattle my toon characterizes, I have followed the crowd in creating a twitter account. Mostly this is for Blizzcon in case anyone's (a) going, (b) will be following twitter, and (c) wants the best chance of catching up with me at some point during the con.

Note that, like YouTube, it is madcowsummer. I am not Summergale on Twitter, and I am not Summergale on Myspace. I am MadCowSummer pretty much everywhere because some woman in Massachusetts went and took "Summergale" on everything else. ;) So yes, I am MadCowSummer on Myspace. Actually remembered my login there impressively.

Decision will be at Blizzcon too as he's mentioned, so he and I had a nice chat today about machinima, Blizzcon, WoW, and parodies. We'll be meeting up for drinks or something sometime during the con, and I'll try to twitter about when/where once we figure it out. Also planning to check out The Guild's cast meeting, costume contest of course, and past that, I'll be playing it by ear. :)