Friday, March 12, 2010

PuG Podcast and Social Networking

Hi folks! Bit of an update.

First, I'm going to be on a podcast! is home to a lot of WoW and gaming related podcasts, and Jesse Cox hosts "PuG" every Saturday evening at 7pm Eastern. This week is a "Girls of WoW" episode, and yours truly will be featured along with the machinima artist Quixotica and Panserbjørne of YouTube's "Trade Chat". I unfortunately won't be able to stay for the whole episode, but I should be on for the first half hour.

I've actually had a Twitter feed and a Facebook fan page up for a while now, but I suppose they haven't been very well publicized:

I twitter a few times a month or whenever I feel like it. I started up the twitter feed for Blizzcon, and unfortunately being a Cow of Little Brain, I forgot my iPhone charger so I spent the entire con trying to mooch charges off other attendees and tweeting much less than I wanted to. My recent tweets are off to the right on my blog page if you don't actually have a twitter account.

The facebook page is legit and is my official page, but there's not a whole lot on it atm. 138 fans for almost no publicity, I can't really complain. :) But hey, if you want to go fan it, I'll keep monitoring the page and try to be better about announcements!

Speaking of fans, I've got over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube -- when did that happen?? Thanks for subscribing! I'm sorry I don't put out more content, I'll try to get some of my projects off the ground. Would any of you folks be interested in just more of my singing, even if there's no video attached? What if it's not even WoW-specific, but just me playing around with the mic and my audio software? It wouldn't be too hard to put together a few pretty screenshots to look at while the audio's going, but it wouldn't be anything I'd actually call "machinima".

For those wondering, yes, I technically have a MySpace account ( but I never log into it and there's no music on it because I just never got into MySpace. Only so much one troll can do! :)


  1. Looking forward to listening in on the podcast today! Grats on the YouTube subs, and hooray for social networking! You're one of THE MOST well-known WoW singers yet you're the most mysterious and reclusive on the web it seems. (Understandable. RL comes first, buuut...) WTB moar Summergale! :) *imagines you sensually stalking out from behind thick, wispy veils of mist* Your mystery is [obviously] very charming. XD

  2. *imagines you sensually stalking out from behind thick, wispy veils of mist*
    Giggles.. Mental Picture.. ZOMG

    I have to second Isolet on her post.

    I will be ditching raid early Saturday so I can listen.

    I follow on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. I'm such a fan geek. LoL

    I also agree that RL comes first. Some times the gamer girl stigma is not the image you need publicly. I get "geek" status at work a lot because of it.

    Please Summergale.. can we have some more..
    More Music, more Vids, more anything you are willing to share.

    @Isolet - I have had the pleasure of meeting Summergale in person at Blizzcon, she is even more lovely in person than her Troll persona.
    It is perhaps a good thing she keeps her RL in the myst, I would hate for her very lucky hubby to have to fight off throngs of fan boys with a mace every time she walked out the door.

    Had to add my 3 cents towards the mystery that is Summergale.

  3. Aw, you ladies are wonderful!

    @Isolte, the podcast isn't until tomorrow, just fyi :) Am I really that reclusive? I guess because I don't give a lot of RL information out, but that comes from having been a teenager on the 'net many years ago and being incredibly guarded about what information is available about me. On the other hand, who really wants to stalk a 30 year old married woman, yaknow? ;)

    Funny that you mention thick, wispy veils. I used to belly dance as a hobby, and I got to play with lots of veils. And jingly coin belts, and finger cymbals, and harem pants... I gotta get back into that, it was way too much fun.

    @Illandria, you can stream *while* raiding! :D I'm fine with the gamer girl stigma, it's the "WoW addict" stigma I try to downplay. >.<

    I keep thinking of doing an all a cappella cover of Lament of the Highborn. Been deconstructing the background vocals in the car here and there, and with the choral work I used to do, it could totally be a fun project. I can even document my process and share it on the blog! :D

  4. @isolte & @summergale you guys should do something together as some of the best female vocals in wow parody and it doesn't even have to be wow, it would just be interesting, maybe lament of the highborne is your song for this maybe not.
    As far as reclusivity goes I think you create a pedestal mystique above the rest and that's fine you need privacy as an online celebrity although touring seems impossible and something your already doing lol

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  6. Girl your voice is epic!

    Togehter with Nyhm it's like... like... just epic! I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm from germany, so have mercy ;)

    Hope to see much more from your projects. Please keep it up! And if you don't know it: You've got a lot of fans here in germany!

    Best wishes

    Milchpuler - Norgannon - Germany

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