Friday, October 22, 2010

Virtual Blizzcon, Mounts, Etc

Happy Blizzcon to those attending, and to the vast masses who, like me, are stuck with a virtual ticket, I'll be there watching opening ceremonies with you this afternoon. ;)

It's Hallow's Eve in-game, which means attempts again at the Horseman's mount. I already have my 100-mount achievement, but hey, it's another mount, might as well, yaknow? One of the funny things about the holiday dailies (since I don't really bother with random dungeon finder or heroics anymore) is when I'm recognized but thought of as an imposter. Just yesterday the first thing that was said in group was, "Summergale is a tauren." Well, yes, that was true a year or so ago... Most of the time I'm believed when I claim to be the real thing. Yes, if you see a troll shaman on Nesingwary named Summergale, that's actually me. Maybe next time, just for fun, I'll play along that I named her as a 'tribute'. ;)

Speaking of mounts, after many, many weeks of trying, I finally got the Brunnhildar polar bear. Eh, the daily took all of 5 minutes a day and I didn't have much else to do. I still don't have a green protodrake though, and I've been picking up Oracle eggs most every week. No, I won't be impressed that you got your protodrake after 2 weeks, I had a guildie who got *two* drakes in the first month or two. If you've opened more than 120 eggs and still don't have your drake either, *then* I'll be impressed.

I've been completely out of touch on Twitter lately, and mostly because I'd been too lazy to update Twitterific. It's updated now, I might actually start paying attention or tweeting again. Apropos since I started the Twitter account last year so I could tweet from Blizzcon, and then went and left my phone charger at home so I spent the entire con being uber conservative on battery usage.

I rarely blog about shammy stuff, but with Cata around the corner and ZG gaining popularity in the short term what with the mounts becoming no longer available, I'm on what's bound to be a futile quest. And I don't just mean the mounts, I mean I'm pursuing something I know I won't finish. Wushoolay's Charm of Spirits. +320 spell power to lightning shield for 20 seconds. Fun toy to use with Fulmination. I must try it. I've had Hazza'rah's Dream Thread in my bank for a year or two now. I'm going to see how many more Edge of Madness bits I can get. This is futile because I have almost certainly missed my window: Renataki was the EoM boss on Monday this week, and he won't be back around again until November 29th. The only chance I have to get my trinket is if 4.0.3 isn't released until November 30th, the VERY last week before Cata, and IF the EoM boss is based on when the instance is first created, ie, since the reset is on Tuesday that week, if I don't zone into ZG until Monday to create my raid id I'd have a shot of Renataki. Anyway, super-duper long shot, but I'm gonna give it a try. :)


  1. With regards to Twitter, I recently changed from Twitterific to Tweetdeck and I'm loving the change, maybe give it a go?

    Good luck with the mounts!

  2. Good Luck with the longshot. I used to beat 10,000 to 1 (or worse) odds all the time, the super-rare loots fell like rain drops. You have my blessing. If you get it, you can claim the title "The Chosen One of the Loot Gods" hehe.
    Be careful, twitter is addictive. And the whale picture when it is over capacity ain't doin my self-esteem any favors, LOL.