Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Check it out: Wrought (Legs and Cranius)

From the same people who helped me bring Ulduar to life comes another collaboration. Set to the song "Wrought" by the Seattle rock band Peratus, this is yet another shining example of Legs' talent and artistry in machinima. With Cranius in the roles of director and actor, they tell a vivid, moving story. Legs writes: "Our interpretation of their song is a tragedy which unfolds as you see flashbacks from the perspective of an undead warrior who recalls how he fell in love with a beautiful blood elf before his undead existence, a forbidden love which was unacceptable to her people."

My fav scenes are definitely the ones involving the brute squad. :D Enjoy!


  1. Valtiel (Steamwheedle Cartel EU.)June 24, 2009 at 9:48 AM

    Brilliant video, well constructed, showing the classic story of forbidden love.

    The music also complements the style of the video. As i have said beore Cranius is a very talented singer/song writer.

    I take it Legs is the one who made the video. Very well orcastrated and executed. Making music Video's from games is a hobby of my own but i don't have the capabilities that Machinima does lol.

  2. You guys need to submit your work to the Blizzcon 2009 contest for machinama and Song (Ulduar). Not sure if you have to be present or not, but the rules are on the Blizzcon site. I will be there and you guys would have my vote.

    Blotto - The Underbog

  3. this and ulduar is the best "wow-songs" i've ever heard =D

  4. love the video - well done, smooth animations, that fit beautifully with the music and it made me care about the story too. I think he's given up too easily, didn't even give here a chance to figure out who he was.. He doesn't exactly look like himself anymore.

    I'd like to imagine that she realizes who he is, the moment she gets over her shock, and goes after him :) its the sucker for happy endings in me :P

  5. I agree with Leah. I think it's awesome, And yet sad. *Screw the elf that Slapped her D:*

  6. My jaw dropped. Literally. At the end of the video I was like O.O This video has such awesome quality and effects, that its beyond hollywood feature. If only they'd add a little summergale to the video, and it'd be buzzing around the net , dropping jaws left and right.
    From all the guys in AggressionMachinima, we wish you best of luck in your great YouTube career.

    -Odahilys, owner of Aggression.

  7. =[ Awww tht is so sad.

  8. Fidorka: Steamwheedle EU

    Ulduar is super but this one has something more to say.. Its awesome rock piece.

    Lookin fwd for more.. Cmon!