Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blizzcon zomg!!

I failed miserably at getting a ticket through the lottery system set up by Blizz, buuuut... Summah has friends. Very nice friends. Very nice friends who scored her a Blizzcon ticket.

So yes, I will be at Blizzcon! :D I'd given up on getting to go and then today it just fell in my lap! Toootally made my evening. And yes, I'm going to try and pull something together for the "original song" contest.

Today was actually totally a lucky day in game too, since I got a Strand Crawler in today's fishing daily at last.

(I like collecting pets.)

Squeeeee, Blizzcon!!


  1. You are going to sing at BlizzCon? OMG i wish I could go! Youshould see if Cranius is going so the pair of you could sing Ulduar, it's definatly a song that would get people to get out of their seats and dance! lol I spent an hour before work dancing to it!

  2. OMG I am SO happy for you that you managed to get a ticket! Good friends are a FANTASTIC thing to have :)

    I know how hard they were to get.. I was lucky enough to get one for myself.

    I am a huge fan and look forward to the possibility of getting to meet you at Blizzcon to, in person, thank you for all the amazing work you have done. (and a photo op for my poor heartbroken children who do NOT get to come with Mommy to Blizzcon all the way from Canada. Awww)

    I agree in point that preforming Ulduar at Blizzcon would be EPIC.. with the video playing on the big screen behind you both.. Although considering your vast talent pool.. Something new could easily outshine it.

    I am looking forward to your new stuff coming out.. while listening to it on my Blackberry as I wait. (Nyhm hinted you may be working on something with him.. and we know anything that you 2 collaborate is bound for greatness)

    Hoping to catch up with you at Blizzcon.. hope you have a great time!

    Illandria of Malfurion
    Tauriprincess (Youtube)

  3. I really want to go to Blizzcon sometime.
    This year Im not gonna make it :(
    Not sure when or where I will.
    I'd love to see you singing in person with Nyhm or Cranius!
    Hope I will ever be able to meet you!

    - From a big fan.

  4. I'm thrilled just to be going as an attendee. :) I won't be going as a performer, though. Singing Ulduar live would be pretty tricky anyway. Even assuming we could get all the legalities of singing a spoof worked out, that track had multiple vocal tracks layered together as well as a lot of post processing done to the vocals.

    I'll be happy to pose for photo ops, though! :D

  5. Alright, sounds all interesting.
    Good luck at the Blizzcon!
    And, just want to know, are there any other machinima-makers going there? :o

  6. /cheer
    I get a photo op :)
    Ohh man.. I have really upset kids now..
    I just showed them your blog reply and all I heard was ..
    "Ohhh NO WAY!! UNFAIR!! MOM you suck.. you had better get pictures"

    Providing I can FIND you that is.. LoL

    And hard can it be.. only ten thousand plus convention goers, then staff on top.. Piece of cake!

    "Excuse me.. have you seen a lovely Troll/Tauren Shammy named Summergale anywhere today?"

    Some how I don't think I will have much luck with that. I also don't think walking around with my eyes closed trying to pick out your voice in the crowd will work either.

    IS there a way to meet up with people, like designated meeting places etc?

    This will be my first trip to Blizzcon so I am not sure how these things work.
    If I can manage to catch up with you, coffee/lunch is on me. :)

    I totally understand the whole logistics thing on the singing.. Wishful thinking on a lot of people's parts but a nightmare none the less.

    Guess we have to hope that L80ETC will be playing the closing concert.

    I can't wait to go.. My bucket list is taking a major beating on this trip. I'm going to DISNEY too, since my hotel is across the street from the convention center and Disney. I am making a week of the trip. If I could find a room mate that would be even better.. cut the costs on the hotel since all they had left was suites with 2 beds and sadly nobody I raid with or guild members got tix but me.

    Looking forward to catching up with you at Blizzcon.


    In reply to Undefeatabll.. I DO know that Oxhorn is going. He has been announcing it on his facebook and website for a while now.

    From what I understand, Gigi (PvP Gurl) is NOT going.. if she is.. She and Nation have not said anything about it on either her site or on her facebook. I believe she is currently overseas, so I am not even sure if she will be back in the US by then.

    Nyhm.. would be great if he could go.. I have heard he is focusing on other projects, as well as his vids (he's writing a book apparently) Summergale would know more on that dept than I.. (I'm just a fan) I have seen nothing on his Youtube..

    Although.. Sorrea (his wife) would have her hands full melting the faces of all the female fans chasing down everyone's fave Pimplock LoL

    That's all the info I know..

  7. My wife and I are fans of your Ulduar song and vid.

    cya at Blizzcon!

    (The Underbog)

  8. Just got my ticket with the post now its all the way from Germany cant wait for it :)

  9. good job 81/101 collected:)