Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ulduar just broke 1 million views. The entire plot point from the perspective of my character is, "I can't wait to get into Ulduar". But yaknow what? Ele shammies got the short end of the stick from Ulduar loot. Maybe it's just my guild's drops, but any mail items that drop all have MP5 on them, and all the cloth and leather pieces have spirit. The trinkets and rings have +hit (when I'm already past my hit cap), and the totem relics available are crap. I'm still using a Naxx weapon from Loatheb which has some wasted points on spi on it, and my only upgrades are off 25 man Yogg or 10 man Vezax hard mode. Oh, or the legendary mace, which any guild in its right mind would give to a slew of healers before any ele shammy.

So, when's the next patch coming out? :P


  1. Next patch would be ooooh NAO!

    Hey Summer, I'm a fan. ^.^ You guys make awesome vids! The Ulduar one is high on my list of favs. Looking forward to seeing what you're working on, and as soon as Wrought loads, I'll watch that too. Good luck in Collesum, I know AC's heading in tonight to see what's the big deal. ^.^
    And while I agree that a moo cow singing hip hop would have looked strange, Troll is a good choice. (has an obsession with all things troll... but plays ally, go figure?)

    ~ Cayleigh (aka Bansidhe)

  2. 2 weeks Summergale..
    Getting excited yet?
    2 weeks to Blizzcon!

    Hoping the patch is good to you..
    Was not so kind to me :(

  3. Loved your voice and your video. Keep up the good work.


  4. Ye it seems like Blizz hates ele shammies.
    Here is one who feels with you! :p

  5. Realy good video and amazing voice, very Amazing ! :D

  6. {random viewer}
    Awesome singing! You make troll girls shine! Keep up the good work till your putting out your own album and making the big money. If anyone deserves it, it is you!

    Zeru @korgath/us realms. (horde)